New Varaluz Iconic lights are everything Mid-Century Modern

We are big fans of Mid-Century Modern design.  Our lighting families often incorporate Mid-Century Design elements but none have done so as dramatically as our new Iconic family.  

Varaluz Iconic Mid-Century Modern Table Lamp

If Mid-Century Modern had a love child with Mid-Century Modern (follow us here), Iconic would be that child. Much more than a mere suggestion of MCM, Iconic goes all out. It's hand-forged from heavy gauge recycled steel and hand painted in a metallic finish that hints at the warmth of wood. Some cutouts are left flat and some peek outwards, a subtle approach to gain visual texture and create sweet shadows. Iconic is just the right amount of too much.

Varaluz Iconic Mid-Century Modern Pendant

Check out the new Varaluz Iconic family here.

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