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Keep your eyes peeled, and you're bound to spot one of our crafted creations in a design magazine, in a restaurant, or even on a popular television show.

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Banana Leaf in Northshore Home

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Mad Hatter in Furniture Lighting & Decor

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Varaluz Casa
Cover Girls

Swoon, Not Baroque-en, and Mr. Brainwashed graced the February 2023 cover of Furniture, Lighting, & Decor.

Matrix in Furniture, Lighting & Decor

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Sustainability comes in every style.

66.5 tons of recycled steel

We used 66.5 tons of recycled steel to create the fixtures sent to our customers last year.

20 tons of recycled glass...

We used 20 tons of recycled glass to create the fixtures sent to our customers last year.

45% less packaging

We use 45% less packaging material than other manufacturers on average while keeping fixtures safe and secure.