Earth Month - Is your lighting eco-friendly?

Here at Varaluz, we love Earth Month.  It happens to be our favorite month of the year!  We have adopted eco-friendly manufacturing practices that truly do make Earth Day a daily occurrence for us.

How do we hand-forge unique lighting all while supporting green living?

Here's how:

1.  We hand-forge our lighting and furniture using recycled steel, recycled glass, and sustainable and natural materials, such as shell.  

Big is one of our bestselling shell collections, and it is meticulously crafted using both sustainable and reclaimed shells.  Click here to view the Varaluz Big lighting collection.

Varaluz Big Shell 178P04A Pendant

2.  We hand-paint our lighting and furniture using low-VOC paint.  VOCs can cause breathing and other health problems.  Click here to see the Varaluz Flow collection, which features low-VOC paint.

3.  We package our lighting and furniture as efficiently as possible using recycled cardboard.  

4.  We recycle parts, components, and unusable fixtures.   

Click here to read all about our eco-friendly ways.  Join us!

Maureen Flaherty
Maureen Flaherty


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