The Hand of the Maker: The Presence of an Artist in Every Piece

"Imperfect perfection" reflects the idea that organic irregularities in nature and individual hand-crafting make an object more beautiful. This principle serves as a core philosophy and ensures the originality of each and every Varaluz piece.

When Ron Henderson founded Varaluz in 2007, he set out to create a brand dedicated to inventive design and an unyielding commitment to craftsmanship. His shared passion for craft and the well-being of the planet has not only cultivated a loyal following for lighting but also enabled Varaluz Casa, an expansion of home décor, offering wall art, mirrors, accessories, and furniture.

Living room with a pink-colored console table beneath a piece of neutral-toned Varaluz wall art

Our pieces and collections are hand-produced at our facility in the Philippines. By nurturing local talent and providing specialized training, we have developed a skilled and invaluable team that infuses all products with artistry, originality, and quality. All components found on Varaluz products—every panel, frame, arm, canopy, crystal, shade, chain, medallion, cord, plug, etc. —are produced by and made exclusively for Varaluz. While this takes more time and more work on our part, we are confident that this is the right way to do business.


Closeup image of Varaluz Banana Leaf handcrafted chandelier canopy

The decorative metal canopies that are a signature of the Varaluz style—see  Banana Leaf, Forever, and Kalani—are designed specifically to complement each fixture. The striking finishes on Mad Hatter and Fleur and mirrors, Federal Case and Daphne incorporate gold leaf, French black, and gold dust. Wall art Social Climber and Circle Gets a Square, both feature colorful 3-D paint that is hand-applied, bringing definition and texture to each unique piece. 





Closeup of Handwoven Alternating Natural Rattan and Abaca Rope in the Varaluz Jacob's Ladder pendant light



In lighting collections, Cosmos, Surrato, and Jacob's Ladder, the inclusion of natural elements shell, bamboo, jute, and abaca (a natural fiber native to the Philippines) imbues each design with character. Additionally, all metal finishes and painted surfaces in Varaluz products are made from water-based, low-VOC solvents. As much as we care about the look, feel, and design of our products, we are equally committed to ensuring the safety and health of our employees and to creating pieces that are non-toxic and will perform beautifully for years to come. 


With our bespoke approach, each product is infused with qualities that are impossible to replicate through automated methods. Our talented makers add a layer of authenticity to every fixture, making not just functional and attractive objects, but also works of art. We are proud of the tradition that has defined Varaluz as a brand and look forward to continuing our legacy and story.

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