How to Make Bedroom Lighting Fun

Here at Varaluz, we love spreading the word of 'Luz Love to designers and home decor enthusiasts alike! One of our favorite home bloggers Salt Lake City resident, Farah Prochaska (@farahpro on Instagram), is a proud new 'Luzer! She enjoys a modern-boho-meets-nordic-chic style that is one-of-a-kind. Her mix of fun, earthy eclectics and sleek minimal style is unmatched and we are so happy to be featured in her lovely home. 

Instagram Influencer and Home Blogger @FarahPro

Farah recently received one of our super-fun new fixtures, Gymnast, to hang in her bedroom! Farah loves the Gymnast's versatile arms that can create many different styles. She also explained to her followers how she had never seen lighting become art quite like she did when she hung Gymnast up. She exclaimed, "Thanks, Varaluz, on yet another thing I would have to save if there was a fire!" Check it out for yourself! 

Gymnast Looks Sleek and Chic

What do you think of Gymnast? Would you hang a Gymnast in your bedroom? 

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