Memphis Design Movement Revival

Varaluz Danny recycled steel black and neutral metallic wall art

The Memphis Design Movement of the 1980s was a revolutionary force in visual art and aesthetics, embracing postmodern principles, bold colors, eccentric shapes, and a playful disregard for conventional norms. Recently, this period has experienced a revival, with work by Ettore Sottsass, Martine Bedin and others becoming highly collectible and shown in the homes of young celebrities such as Cara Delevingne. and Miley Cyrus.

Ron Henderson, founder and creative director of Varaluz, has long been fascinated with decorative art and design, taking cues from fashion, furniture, industrial design, nature and beyond. Through tinkering, his design process usually begins with a photo, a sketch or simply reworking an idea or existing product. With its outlandish and undeniable love of pattern, shape and color, and the idea that inventive cartoon-like design can serve as the basis for functional products, it’s no wonder that Henderson created entire collections that rely on Memphis as a source of inspiration.

Varaluz Casa’s recently introduced collection of Wall Art – Danny, Bette and Bauhaus–reflect the bold spirit of Memphis Design with vibrant colors, playful patterns and crooked forms. That said, Henderson takes the creative process one step further, by looking at recycled materials—in this case, stainless steel—as the collection’s base. This effort aligns with Varaluz’s commitment to developing and offering eco-conscious products that go beyond the unexpected. 

Further, what’s exciting is that Henderson is infusing his own ideas and creations into Memphis-inspired collections. “My love of design has been evident since I was a kid. It’s one of the reasons why I studied engineering and started a company devoted to lighting, furniture, art, accessories and whatever comes next,” said Henderson.

Danny, Bette and Bauhaus from Varaluz Casa are available in pop-inspired colors evoking the 80s or neutrals of black, white, gold and grey. Designers and customers can curate interior spaces to feel like a personal gallery and can combine Wall Art with other Varaluz collections – lighting, furniture, mirrors, ceramics and portables – to devise a unique look, all handcrafted and reliant on sustainable materials.

Black and gold Bauhaus wall art pieces in front of a wooden console and armchair


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