Revamp Your Home with the Darden Collection from Varaluz

Are you looking for creative and easy ways to update your kitchen? Do you want to infuse a little fun in your space?  Have you considered changing lighting fixtures? Lighting is an essential element of interior design, and it can transform the ambiance of a space. In this blog post, we ask Influencer Maria Luke of Las Vegas who used our Darden Collection to revamp her family kitchen and transform her space.

Varaluz - What is the project, and how did you decide on this kitchen update?

Maria - We wanted to replace the pendants above our island. The previous fixtures were bland and did nothing to showcase the kitchen/space. We wanted something modern and homey that fit our style, but that also provided additional lighting to help with preparation and tasks.

Varaluz - What were the most important elements of the project?

Maria - Since the kitchen is an open-concept area, aesthetics were essential. We chose island pendants, something unfussy in looks, but that would elevate the entire space and also perform. As with many homeowners, this kitchen is used for everything, from preparing meals and eating, to working, doing homework, gathering and just hanging out.  

Varaluz - What was your process or inspiration for the project’s lighting?

Maria - The Varaluz team helped us choose the Darden Island pendants that best fit our kitchen. These 6 lights, 18” x 18” pendants in a matte black and painted chrome finish with handmade jewelry chain tassels and early electric Edison styled bulbs brought everything together while also serving as a new and distinct hallmark for the space and they made a huge difference.

Varaluz - What is your favorite design style or design philosophy?

Maria – Our preferred aesthetic is modern and minimal, but also cozy and accessible.

Varaluz - How important is sustainability in your design?

Maria – In addition to the brand’s standout designs, being responsible stewards to the environment was a key factor in choosing Varaluz. We were thrilled to learn that the company is committed to sustainable designs and relying on repurposed and recycled materials to develop light fixtures. Also, we appreciated the company's use of low-VOC materials -- this was important for us as we want to keep our home toxin-free.

Varaluz - What is your favorite Varaluz fixture, and why?

Maria – We love the Darden collection and also admire the Arcade collection's design elements. Each Varaluz fixture is a showpiece.

To summarize: changing lighting fixtures can drastically transform a space. Additionally, if you’re handy or if you rely on an electrician or contractor, swapping out or adding a new source of lighting can be done relatively quickly and with ease—making for a dramatic before and after.  With a wide range of styles to choose from and a commitment to sustainability, Varaluz is an optimal choice for nearly every room in the house. For a look at the latest and top-selling collections from Varaluz, visit:


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