Shedding Light on our Journey: The Smithsonian by Varaluz Gallery at Rensen House of Lights

Hey there, light enthusiasts! We're about to take you on a virtual behind-the-scenes tour of the Smithsonian by Varaluz Gallery at Rensen House of Lights. Get ready to discover the stories, inspirations, and a touch of the history that brought this unique collaboration to life.

Varaluz gold Fleur chandelier hanging in front of a Smithsonian wall hanging at a lighting showroom

To tell this story, we sat down with buyer Emily Dickerson and asked her some questions to shed some light on the amazing gallery that her showroom team and Super Sales Agents, Martin Design Group, installed earlier this year. 

Why did you decide to invest in a Smithsonian gallery with Varaluz?
Oh, it was a no-brainer! We fell head over heels for the ideas and inspirations behind each Varaluz's innovative designs paired with the rich history of the Smithsonian is a match made in lighting heaven!

What has the reaction been to the products? It's all been positive so far. The gallery is still fresh, but visitors love the seamless blend of historical artifacts and Varaluz’s stunning fixtures. It's like stepping into a time-traveling light show!


What makes this showroom space stand out? Descriptive signage and beautiful The signage guides the eyes while the fixtures steal the spotlight. It's all about that intentional placement, you know? 

Can you describe the installation process? What materials did you use to give the space a unique look and feel? The installation was smooth sailing! We created our own description cards to add a personal touch and used heavy-duty Velcro for the wall Easy to move, easy to adjust – we're all about that flexibility.

Varaluz Smithsonian Lighting installation at lighting showroom

How important is a name like the Smithsonian to your customers? Does it make an impact? Oh, absolutely! The Smithsonian is like the rockstar of historical reputations. Customers love the combo of cultural significance and Varaluz's It's not just lighting; it's a cultural experience.

What is your favorite design style or the most popular trend that people ask you for? Black and brass – that combo is the number one requested combination in lighting Classic and stylish. And bronze finishes are making a comeback! We're getting requests for those again, and we're totally here for it.

What is your favorite Varaluz fixture and why? Gotta give it up for the Park Row. The attention to detail is on point, and those rubbed gold accents. Pure elegance. It's like the James Bond of lighting fixtures – sophisticated and ready for action.

Varaluz Park Row black and gold linear pendant hanging in lighting showroom

So, there you have it – the lowdown on our Smithsonian by Varaluz Gallery adventure. It's more than just lights; it's a journey through time and design. Come on down, browse the collection, and let the Smithsonian by Varaluz gallery light up your world at Rensen House of Lights in Lenexa Kansas!

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