Eco-Friendly Lighting

Varaluz was started in 2006 to address what we felt the lighting industry was ignoring. 
We believe that lighting should not only be interesting but should also be manufactured in a responsible way.

Varaluz Eco Friendly Efforts

We use recycled and sustainable materials.  

Our Lightly Twisted™ fixtures use 70+% recycled steel; 90+% recycled glass; sustainable and reclaimed shell; and other sustainable materials. 
Using such materials gives our fixtures incredible dimension and personality.  If we receive any 'luz fixtures that aren't up to our high standards, we strip all usable parts and recycle the rest.  In 2017, we recycled over 132,850 pounds of steel!
varaluz light fixtures use recycled glass

We use low-VOC finishes.

We paint our fixtures by hand using low-VOC finishes. 
varaluz lights are hand painted using low-voc finishes

We are packaging gurus.

Safe packaging is essential, but no one likes a sea of foam peanuts on the floor.  We constantly reengineer our boxes
to protect our fixtures while using the least amount of recycled cardboard.  When you open your Varaluz light, you may wonder how it arrived in perfect
condition without a bunch of foam or plastic.  It did because we spent hours figuring out how to get it to you safely without creating more waste.
varaluz engineers its packaging to use as little recycled cardboard as possible

 Join us. 
To us, these responsible practices simply make sense.  Not only do we create the unique fixtures we desire, but we do so while sustaining good old Mother Earth.
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